Fall 2017 Updates and Content Projects

I've finally gotten around to updating my site with articles from last year and Fall/Early Winter 2017 winter publications. In addition, my content projects from Solitude, Deer Valley and DPS are making the rounds. Below are a couple links of my related works.

Solitude Content Work

Bet The House on White

DPS Phantom

Environmental Storyline and Social Media for Kickstarter Campaign.


This winter has been all time!

I've barely been keeping up with the new site, and have only managed to load my online articles. However, it has been rewarding to see my stories amongst my friends' in Powder, Skiing, Backcountry Mag, The Ski Journal, Mountain, Ascent, and most recently the Winter OR Show Dailies. But back to the reason for all of this. Powder Skiing... Here's to a deep and safe second half of the season.

Jesse Weeks, full submersion on Superior. 

Jesse Weeks, full submersion on Superior. 

New Website and Horizons


It has been a long time coming. Perhaps too long. Regardless, my old Wordpress site has been replaced by something fresh, and with hope I'll update it more frequently. Welcome to the new ermecatino.com. 

A lot has changed this past year, primarily my step towards full-time freelance work. After four plus years managing DPS' Global PR along with DPS Cinematic and Team initiatives it was time to embark on my own, the balance of freelance work and full-time PR was getting rough. I still plan on helping the company through contractual initiatives, but being able to focus on my ski and outdoor writing projects will be exciting. 

Take a gander at the new site and my recent publications, and if you have any projects or are looking for writers feel free to contact me here.

The Ski Journal 7.3 and 7.4

A sign of a good winter is less talking about skiing and more powder shredding. Well, that's the excuse I'm using for not blogging since December... Nonetheless, below are two stories I wrote that were published this winter in The Ski Journal. Issue 7.3 highlights the history of Vermont's Smuggler's Notch Road - relating the clandestine tradtions of bootlegging and tree cutting for powder stashes, and in 7.4 I sit down with pro-skier Ian Compton. Both issues are available at books stores and newsstands.

Winter Finally Here...

It has been some time since I updated the blog... Preparing for the season and some writing projects kept me at bay. I'll be updating some recent publications during the next week. However, it looks like winter is finally here in the Wasatch, albeit with a slight stutter this week. Here's a piece I put together for Mountain Advisor highlighting Alta's opening of new terrain.

Powder Magazine - Buyer's Guide


Last season I had the opportunity to review boots for Powder Magazine's annual Buyer's Guide. It was a super fun experience, and opened up my eyes to boots/designs I have never tried before. My top 6 boots are listed in Powder Magazine Issue 42.1, and for reviews on all of the boots I skied head over to Powder Magazine's Online Buyer's Guide.

Soul Pow

Powder skiing is good for the soul. While it haunts skiers' dreams as we swelter in the heat awaiting autumn's first frost, the notion of powder days make every 100 degree day tolerable. This season, I only took out the GoPro a handful of days and had some fun days filming with friends. The edit is called Soul Pow, because that's what I shot, fun powder skiing that's good for your soul...



Green Tomatoes and May Powder

Spring in the Wasatch was a constant fight between winter and summer. Late April storms growing the snowpack and sporadic bursts of snow into May helped prolong the dry heat that has already begun. While it's time for summer floats and backpacking excursions into the mountains, the last few weeks of May helped bridge the crave for cold powder until October. Here's a short piece I wrote for Powder regarding this cycle called Green Tomatoes.

Just a few days after the story went live, we were treated to one more storm. Thanks winter, we'll see you next year!

The Hills Are Alive - Powder Magazine Article


Last season I caught up with Sam von Trapp, of the famous von Trapp family depicted in The Sound of Music, regarding the skiing renaissance taking place at The Trapp Family Lodge. The piece is the lead fall-line story in Powder Magazine's Photo Annual. If you visit Vermont, you owe it to yourself to visit this beautiful location.